Our Products
High-quality, innovative and luxurious products, developed in Switzerland with a clear focus on skincare.

Head Quarters
Our headquarters are located in Volketswil, near Zurich, in Switzerland.
We have more than 1200 employees worldwide and approximately 220 staff at our headquarters. We have a multinational workforce who continuously strive to deliver the most groundbreaking scientific innovations, as well as the ultimate in global luxury skincare.

From Swiss Heritage to a Global Brand
Today we have 14 affiliated companies worldwide, and a selective distribution network in more than 90 countries.
La Prairie stands for a unique combination of advanced science, sumptuous formulas and the meticulous attention to the details of luxury.
La Prairie Group AG is 100% owned by Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg (Germany) since 1990, and it is the luxury tier of Beiersdorf AG.
The origins of the company date back to 1954, with the foundation of Juvena (International) AG in Zurich.